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Special Offers

Saliris days 2015. (2 nights)

Saliris days 2015.
(2 nights)

Salt Magic (2 nights)

Salt Magic
(2 nights)

Eastern magic (2 nights)

Eastern magic
(2 nights)

Ice-beer-honey-salt (3 nights)

(3 nights)



Saliris Resort Spa & Konferencia Hotel****Superior


Saliris is an invented, compound word meaning "salt rainbow." It refers on the one hand to the salt hill that has become a symbol of Egerszalók, and on the other hand to the diversity that the Resort offers. Our goal is that visitors think back on their visit as experience-rich and positively recharging, pondering when they can make a return visit.
There are certain places on Earth where higher than normal vibrations and a purer form of energy can be felt. One can find many such areas of therapeutic healing in Hungary as well, where we become fresh and energised and the intensity of our physical ailments decrease, making us feel refreshed. Egerszalók is one of Hungary's most well-known places of healing power and positive vibrations.
Where the Earth and Sky come together...


Saliris Resort Spa & Konferencia Hotel****Superior


The Magic of Salt is in Egerszalók's stunning environment, in its atmosphere, in the gourmet gastronomy of the Saliris Resort, in the maid's smile, in the thousand tiny joys of wellness, in every movement of a massage, and in the vitalising power of bathing.
Out of so many dreams, the Magic of Salt is one that should come true. 

The Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association's hotel rating system uses the harmonised requirement system as worked out by Hotelstars Union. This common hotel rating system is based on completing a total of 270 conditions. In April 2011, we received a certification that ranked the Saliris Resort Spa and Conference Hotel in the HHRA's****superior category.

The Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association first advertised the "Green Hotel" environmental award in our country in 1995. New applicants provide information about, among other things, water and energy usage in connection with generated waste.
Our hotel took part in this environmental competition and won the "Green Hotel" award.

Hotel Association of Hungary